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This Week in Origins

Editors: Contents of Origins CNS Documentary Service, Vol. 44, No. 39 (March. 5, 2015):

-- The Catholic bishops of England and Wales give top priority to the defense of human life in guidance they offer Catholic voters preparing for the general election in the United Kingdom.

-- Supporters of physician-assisted suicide "argue that dignity is found in giving people the right to choose life or death. But dignity is not simply about control; it is about care," says Canadian Archbishop Martin W. Currie of St. John's, Newfoundland.

-- Preaching, formation and religious instruction must attract, engaging the faith with the struggles and challenges of daily life while offering hope, vision and fresh strength, and drawing people to a wholly new way of life rather than a set of rules, says Baltimore's Archbishop William E. Lori.

-- How was communion exercised among early Christian communities? Would restoring the relationships that existed prior to the fifth century be sufficient to restore full sacramental communion among those communities today? The Catholic-Oriental Orthodox dialogue group examines these questions.

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